1.Blue Snowball

The Blue Snowball is one of the most popular and one of the best budget microphones right now. It doesn’t only have amazing sound quality but has a pretty flexible stand. It uses a simple USB 2.0  so you can easily connect it. It comes in black or white but we think that the black one looks better and fits easier in most set ups. If you want a pretty good budget microphone that will sound crystal clear than this one is amazing and for only $50 you get great quality.

2.Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti is one of the best microphones out there. For only $130 you get one of the best sound quality. It has a lot of options if you wanna adjust your voice but however you are going to do it it’s gonna be great. It doesn’t have a lot of mobility but the stand is perfect and comfortable. If you have the money and you want one of the best microphones out there for streaming, recording and pretty much for anything then this is the right microphone for you.

3.Fifine Microphone

The Fifine microphone is the cheapest one on our list. Even tho it’s extremely cheap you’re still gonna get better quality than most microphones. It has a similar built as the Blue Snowball but a little bit more flexible. If you want a cheap but great microphone right now we really recommend the fifine microphone just because it’s worth it.


1.HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming

This headset is great and made from a really good company, HyperX. It’s really comfortable and made from a strong aluminium. It has great sound and an amazing microphone, which is detachable, a feature that I think makes this headset great. It’s compatible with PC, PS 4, PS 4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One S. For only $100 this headset is definitely worth it.


This headset is amazing in every aspect. Not only that it has great audio for in game but it comes with an incredible stand. The microphone is not the best but it should sound crystal clear while you’re talking to somebody. A cool feature is that it has 7.1 surround audio so you’ll everything that is going on around you. If you like a standard classic headset with amazing 7.1 surround audio, this one is great.


The Corsair Void Pro is very similar  to the HS60 but with some small differences. The biggest one is design, it looks completely different from the other one, this one looks more modern. Like the HS60 this headset has a great RGB logo. Pretty much this headset is very alike with our previous one. If you want one of them, just choose which one you like more.

Best Gaming PC For Under $1000 in 2018


This PC uses the Intel Core i5-8400 2.8 GHz 6 cores. For only $800 this is a pretty good CPU. It has the AMD RX 580 4 GB which is a pretty good card and should sustain the latest games for the next 2 years. It has 8GB DDR4 RAM, pretty standard for this price point. It uses Windows 10 Home and it comes with a mouse and a keyboard. It has 6x USB 3.1 and 2x USB 2.0. It has 1TB and unfortunately no SSD. It has 4 cooling fans, even if they are not the best, they should stop your PC from overheating too much. It’s a pretty standard gaming PC and if you want a AMD GPU this is the PC for you.

2.Skytech Gaming ST-ARCH-II-001

This PC has the Ryzen 1400 and the GTX 1050 Ti. This PC is indeed not as good as the others but what makes it’s price as much as the others, is that, it has 16 GB of RAM, and if you want a PC for this year, then upgrade it, this is the one. Because it has 16 GB of RAM but the other parts are not as good, you’re gonna have a small bottleneck. This one has as well a 1 TB HDD and uses Windows 10. It has 5x USB 3.0 but no 3.1. This is not the best PC on our list but if you want 16 GB of RAM get this one.

3.CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8060A5

This PC has the same price as the others but it’s better. It has the i5-8400 with the GTX 1060 3GB. It’s really close to the first one on our list but with one small difference. It has as well 8 GB of RAM and uses the Windows 10. Now what makes this PC beter than the others is that, it has a small 120 GB SSD. This is amazing if you want to put your windows on it and have a really fast boot-up. If you want a great PC for the next one year or so this is the best one for only $800.


1.Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

The Proteus Spectrum is a pretty small and low profile mouse so it’s perfect for every hand size. It has 12.000 DPI which is amazing for a mouse but it’s still the lowest DPI on our list. It has 11 programmable buttons which is more than enough for any gamer out there. It’s made from a really good fabric and you will have a nice grip on it while playing. It’s definitely a really mouse for whoever wants an amazing gaming mouse for only less then $50.

2.Corsair Scimitar Pro

This mouse is the most special one on our list because it’s buttons. Let’s start off with the basics, it has 16.000 DPI, a lot compared to other budget mice. It’s pretty big so if you have a small hand this mouse is not for you. It has some nice RGB which are all programmable from Corsair’s software. Now a feature that you either love, or hate. It’s the 12 side small buttons that it has. If you play a game in which you have lots of options or guns to choose from, this feature will definitely help you a lot. It has 2 more buttons in the front if you want to use them instead, or both.

3.Razer DeathAdder Elite

This Razer mouse has a really classic design but with the latest tech. It has 4 programmable buttons with Razer’s Synapse software. It has 16.000 DPI and a great fabric. This is a pretty normal gaming mouse, nothing special about it, but it’s a great simple mouse. There’s not really anything to say about it, except the lack of buttons, this mouse is amazing for only $55.

Best Laptops Under $1000 in 2018

Maybe you want a laptop, or maybe you already have one but want to upgrade, well it doesn’t matter which one because I made a list in which you will find the best laptops right now, for only under $1000. Even if you won’t get the best laptops out there, for a $1000 budget you will get some sweet stuff.

1.ASUS VivoBook F510UA

This laptop is really good for the price but with only one problem. It’s got a really sleek and nice design. The monitor is a decent one, 15.6 inches and 1920×1080 resolution one. It has 8GB of RAM, pretty good for a $500 laptop. A really nice feature that I think everyone will love is that, it has a fingerprint sensor. That means that you can unlock your laptop the same way you would unlock your phone. Something that you don’t see really often is that, it has USB Type-C connectors. So far this laptop is great but, if you want to use it while is not charging, it won’t be long. The battery on this laptop is completely terrible and it won’t last much. As long as you keep your laptop charged all the time, you won’t have a problem, but otherwise it will be  terrible.

2.Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1

This laptop is pretty good for people that want a 2 in 1. It’s design is not so impressive nor made from high quality metal. It has a pretty small display but it’s good enough. Unlike the previous laptop this one actually has an SSD of 256 GB so if you put the windows on it you’ll have a pretty fast boot-up. It has some decent ports but no Type-C. A nice bonus is that you can use it as a tablet too so it has a touchscreen display. It has Windows 10 on it but you can always change it if you want. Over all this is a pretty nice laptop if you want to use it as a tablet too .

3.ASUS VivoBook S

This is the most expensive laptop on this list and, if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth it. It has a really nice design and good performance. Unlike the other laptops this one actually has a dedicated GPU, is not the best but what can you ask for. It’s really lightweight at just about 3 pounds and made from a really high quality metal. Something that we have to appreciate is that it has a USB Type-C port. This one has as well a 256 GB SSD so thumbs up for that. If you have the money to get this one and you want a decent laptop, than this one is perfect, it has really good performance with a nice design.


Smartwatches are becoming more popular now days so it’s obvious that you would want one. They are extremely useful in case you want a mini smartphone on you at all times. Every smartwatch should have the latest features, including a heart rate monitor, GPS, NFC and water resistance. That’s why I made this list, in here you will find the best smartwatches with the latest features. You will find smartwatches from brands like Samsung and more. Now because I know lots of people have either an Android or iOS phone I made sure that every smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS.

1.Samsung Gear S3

Even tho this smartwatch hasn’t been the best on the paper compared to its competitors, it’s great. Many people say that the Gear S3 is overpriced. It is not. Let’s start with some features that it has. First of all it’s a water resistant smartwatch so you can run how much you wish in the rain with it. It has GPS, NFC, heart rate monitor and much more. One of the most amazing things on this watch is that, it has a big battery. On the storage side, you’ll get 1.5 GB RAM which is enough for a smartwatch. Now what makes it really standout? The fact that it’s available on the majority of Android phones and iPhones. You can pair it with even phones that were released 5 years ago. That’s what makes this smartwatch worth the price. And that is has one of the most gorgeous OLED displays. If you want one of the best smartwatches right now, and you’re willing to pay the price, this one should be great.

2.Huawei Watch 2 Sport

This Watch has lots of features but misses out on others. While this smartwatch costs a little less than the others on this list, it doesn’t mean it’s worse. I will say that even if it does indeed miss out on big things unlike the others, it’s still an amazing watch. First of all it’s a sporty lightweight one so it will be really comfortable wearing it. The single thing that disappointed us, it’s the display. It’s really small and it’s not the best quality. Otherwise it’s really good. It has GPS, 4G, NFC and everything you need in a smartwatch. But, it only has 2 buttons and you can not really do much with them. It doesn’t have any rotation. Except this little things, we can say that this smartwatch is amazingly good and that it deserves to be on this list. 

3.Fitbit Versa Smart

This smartwatch is the cheapest one on our list and it’s definitely not a bad one. It’s got all the features you need, nothing to complain about. It’s lightweight and made from an amazing fabric. Really comfortable. The company that made this watch is not so popular but it’s an amazing one. The great thing about this watch is that, even if you are in really strong lighting you can still see the display really easily. It’s a big and nice display. It has features like water resistant up to 50m, pretty impressive. It has GPS, NFC and much more. It has lots of apps available for anything that you can think of. For $200 this smartwatch is amazing and we truly recommend it.


Everyone loves mechanical keyboards, but sometimes they might be a little too much then what you wanna pay. So for that reason I made a quick list of the best cheapest mechanical keyboards.
This Redragon keyboard is really cheap but really good. For only about $30 you get Cherry Blue equivalent switches with red LED. The Redragon is one of the best companies when it comes to good cheap mechanical keyboards and this is no exception. For this cheap price this keyboard gives you everything you need in a mechanical keyboard without spending a lot of money. The only downside is that it does not have RGB. I know it sounds ridiculous to expect RGB from a $30 keyboard but, that’s what makes a gaming keyboard.
This Redragon keyboard is extremely similar to the K553 that we’ve previously mentioned. It has the same Cherry Blue equivalent switches and the same overall aspect. It’s made from a really high quality metal and ABS so it won’t feel cheap to the touch. This model has another variant, that one being white. One really nice feature about this keyboard is that you can lock the windows button so you won’t have problems with it. For $30 this keyboard is definitely worth every penny.
This LEOBOG keyboard is similar to our previous ones but with some small differences. First of all this one uses similar Blue switches. This one as well has the windows lock feature. This keyboard doesn’t have the some LED but has some nice lights under the  keys. Unlike the other keyboard this one has a small hand rest. For $30 this keyboard is amazing, like the others we’ve mentioned so far. 


Having a good gaming monitor is one of the most important parts of your gaming setup because you can have the best PC in the world but if your monitor can not display the 200 fps and the 4k, it’s almost useless. So to fix this problem I made a quick list of the best gaming monitors that you can find at the moment.
This Samsung monitor is a great standard 16:9 one and if you can afford it and you want the best of the best, this is for you. As any other good gaming monitor it has 144 Hz and 1 ms response time. So why do you need 144 Hz and 1 ms response time? Let’s say you are playing Fortnite and you get an average of 144 FPS but in order for those FPS to be displayed your monitor needs to have this feature. What makes this monitor so expensive and special is that, it’s curved. Most people won’t feel the need for a curve monitor but after you try it, you know the difference. Another thing that is becoming popular on gaming monitors is the FreeSync support. This feature makes your AMD GPU and monitor work in the same time. Only one small downside is that this monitor does not have built-in speakers so you will have to buy your own
This BenQ monitor is a great choice if you really want the best colors ever with some pretty nice features that will get in soon. Unlike the Samsung monitor this one does actually have built-in speakers. They are not the best but decent for a gaming monitor. It only has 28 inches so the 4k HDR LED should be amazing. The best feature that this monitor has is the Eye-Care. I can’t stop talking about how good this thing is. So what is it? You probably know by now that if you stay a lot of hours playing continuously you will have a weird feeling around your eye-head area. That’s where the Eye-Care protection feature comes into play, it will stop that feeling that all gamers have at one point. The only downside with this monitor is that it has only 60 Hz.
This Asus monitor is the perfect one if you just want the best for the least. At only $345 it gives you anything you want from a gaming monitor. It has a spectacular LED but unfortunately it doesn’t have any HDR. A cool thing this monitor can do is swivel and pivot at whatever degree you want. It does have a 1 ms response time but no 144 Hz. This gaming monitor doesn’t have anything in special, just a regular one but if you’re looking for an amazing 4k gaming monitor and you’re on a strict budget, this monitor should be the best one for you.


This TCL 4k TV is an amazing one if you just wanna enjoy the amazing 4k without spending too much money. It has 55 inches so it`s something that you don’t see very often in a TV this cheap. One feature that I am sure you will love about it is that it has HDR so you will enjoy it a lot. The TV has the standard 60 Hz refresh rate so nothing new here.  It has 3xHDMI and 1xUSB 2.0 which is more than enough for the standard person. It weighs at about 30 pounds so not too heavy for a 55 inches TV.
The TV has 55 inches which is  the best variant if you have enough space. It weighs at about 33 lbs, a little bit more than the average TV but it should not be a problem. As you probably guessed it has Built-in Wi-Fi so you can use Roku. A big upgrade if you want to use it for more than just a TV is that, it has 120 Hz. You may ask why do I need 120 Hz? Well if you want to use the TV as a monitor for playing games, you will sure see the big difference. The display type is LED so it should be good enough. It has a total of 3 HDMI ports for whatever you need. The colors on this 4k LED are really good, especially paired with the HDR. The TV is available as well on the 43 in, 49 in and 65 in variants in case you want a different dimension for your new TV.
As the other TVs on this list, this one has as well 55 inches. This one is indeed a little bit more expensive than the others but it is definitely worth it. This TV has as well 120 Hz which is a feature that I think is pretty good. Unlike the other TVs this one is Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible. The audio is way better than other TVs in this price range so big thumbs up for that. It has 2 USB ports and 4 HDMI ports in case you need that many. The only other variant you can get this TV is in 65 inches, unfortunately. I highly recommend that if you are interested in buying a TV, this one is the go-to.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung’s best and largest phone at the moment with a whooping 6.4 inches display. It has a resolution of 1440×2960 pixels with an 18.5:9 ratio(~516 ppi density). The phone itself weighs at about 201g(7.09 oz), which makes the phone pretty heavy. It is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 so small drops should not crack or scratch the phone. The OS being used is Android 8.1(Oreo), having the latest android right now. The Chipset being used is the Snapdragon 845 for US and China, and the Exynos 9810 for the international one. You can get the phone for either 128 GB of internal storage and 6 GB RAM or 512 GB of internal storage and 8 GB RAM. If you love taking 4k videos and want to get the 128 GB one, don’t think you won’t have enough space because Samsung gives you the freedom to add an extra microSD card with up to 512 GB of storage. The cameras on this phone are fantastic with a dual 12 MP rear camera set up, one wide with an f/1.5 and one telephoto with an f/2.4. The battery on this phone should get you easy through a tough day, being one of 4000 mAh. Some features worth mentioning are that the phone has IP68, the stylus, an amazing Super AMOLED display, the type-C USB and the most important feature is the headphone jack, yes, Samsung still keeps the headphone jack. There are not really any cons on this phone except the preferential ones.
The iPhone XS is a really awaited phone but in my opinion, there is no major improvement over the last flagship from Apple. The iPhone has a 5.8 inches display with 1125×2436 pixels. The screen does have a wider ratio than the other phones but the notch might cover a little bit from it. The ratio is an amazing 19.5:9 ratio but with only 458 ppi density. The phone uses Apple’s A12 bionic chip which is one of the best, if not the best chip in a phone. It only has 4 GB of RAM but the OS should be able to  get the best out of them. The battery has only 2658 mAh but should still get you a full day. The cameras on this phone are pretty good, they are both 12 MP, one wide and one telephoto. The most attractive feature on this phone is the  Face ID, which by this moment is the best face recognition software. The cons on this phone are the battery, the price, the fact that it doesn’t have a headphone jack and that it lacks a USB Type-C.
The Huawei P20 Pro is one of my favorite phones on this list because of the AI. The Huawei P20 Pro only has a 1080p display of 6.1 inches and with a strange 18.7:9 ratio. I think we should just get right into the most appealing feature, the cameras. This phone doesn’t have 1 or 2 cameras, but 3 rear cameras. The first one has 40 MP, and if that doesn’t seem like a lot, the other phones had only 12 MP. The phone comes with either 256 GB of internal storage and 8 GB of RAM or 128 GB of internal storage and 6 GB of RAM. The battery is great, it has 4000 mAh and it can give you a full day of heavy tasking. The P20 Pro is not anything new to the phone industry but it’s a pretty good flagship if you want Huawei’s AI and amazing cameras.